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Novi Volvo V70

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V70 je narastao 10 centimera u duljinu, a međuosovinski razmak sada broji 248 cm što znači još više mjesta za putnike i prtljagu – tovarni prostor sada nudi 540 litara.

Novost je i inteligentno iskorištena stražnja klupa koja sada nudi dvije, po visini podesive, dječje sjedalice.
Uz doplatu Volvo nudi i automatsko otvaranje stražnjih vratiju te prtljažnik namjestiv pomoću metalnih vodilica. Motorizaciju čini pet motora.

Najmanji benzinac ima 2.5 litre i pomoću turba isporučuje 200 KS. Redni šestcilindrični 3.2 atmosferski motor s 238 KS poznat je od ranije, a novitet je trolitreni motor s turbom i 285 KS. S njim V70 do 100 km/h ubrzava za 7.2 sekunde uz maksimalnih 248 km/h.

Dizelsku ponudu čini jedan 2.4 litreni motor ali s dvije snage: 163 i 185 KS. Poput ostalih Volvo modela i V70 nudit će se s bogatim paketima opreme pa tako izdvajamo vrhunski Dynaudio glazbeni sustav s Dolby II Prologic tehnologijom i snagom od čak 910 Watta. (Fena)

Novi Volvo je inace pun sigurnosnih dodataka, koje necu prevoditi, no cu vam prenijeti iz oficijelnih materijala na engleskom:

ZONE FOR DEFORMATION AT LOW SPEEDS The front bumper is structured around a cross-member made of aluminum. The attachment points at the all-new V70 longitudinal beams are designed as collapsible “crash boxes.” These "boxes" help absorb incoming low-speed collision forces without damaging the rest of the vehicle’s beam structure.

ZONE FOR DEFORMATION AT HIGH SPEEDS The straight sections of the longitudinal beams are made of high strength steel, a very tough grade of steel that is optimized for high energy absorption. This zone accounts for most of the deformation.

ZONE FOR BACKUP The beam section that curves out towards the A-pillars serves as a barrier protecting the passenger compartment and also as a backup to reduce deformation. Its shape also helps minimize the risk of the front wheel penetrating into the passenger compartment. Instead, the wheel helps absorb the collision forces. This section is very rigid and is made of extra high strength steel.

THREE-POINT ATTACHMENT A rigid cross-member links the two A-pillars and the lower side-members, forming a particularly sturdy three-point attachment on each side. This design is particularly effective at protecting the passenger compartment in case of a severe impact. Advanced, Interacting Braking Functions

HYDRAULIC BRAKE ASSIST (HBA) is a new generation of Volvo’s emergency braking support system, helping the driver to brake in the shortest possible distance in a panic situation. Unlike the previous system – solely based on vacuum – brake pressure in the all-new V70 is also reinforced hydraulically. In an emergency situation where the driver does not press the brake pedal sufficiently quickly and firmly,

HBA can help ensure that the ABS system is optimally utilized, reducing the braking distance.

OPTIMIZED HYDRAULIC BRAKES (OHB) reinforce braking ability under hard braking by utilizing hydraulics to compensate for low vacuum pressure in the brake servo.

READY ALERT BRAKES (RAB) can predict rapid braking and apply the brake pads against the discs even before the driver has time to press the brake pedal. The braking system’s response time – and the braking distance – can thus be shortened. The braking system can be triggered by either the accelerator pedal being released suddenly or the adaptive cruise control registering an obstacle in front of the car.

FADING BRAKE SUPPORT (FBS) utilizes hydraulics to gradually build up braking pressure during long hard braking, thus helping to cut the risk of brake fade and to maintain pedal feel.

All-new Volvo V70: Other Protective Safety Solutions

* Improved child safety with extended IC (Inflatable Curtain) and integrated booster cushions – a world breakthrough
* New, stronger side structure
* Crumple zones made from different grades of steel
* Compact transverse engines contribute to collision safety
* Second-generation WHIPS
* Protection for other road users
* Collapsing steering column which, upon deformation, moves horizontally for the best possible interaction with the airbag
* Pedals with a function that limits the risk of penetration into the passenger compartment
* Airbags with two-stage function
* Seat belt pre-tensioners for all five seats
* Seat belt reminders for all five seats
* Force limiters for the front seat belts
* Reinforced, transversely fitted tubular beam between the A-pillars
* Strong SIPS tubes in the seats and a sturdy magnesium bracket in the middle of the car
* Diagonally fitted beams of ultra high strength steel in the doors
* ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control)
* Collision Warning with Brake Support
* BLIS (Blind Spot Information System)
* PCC (Personal Car Communicator)
* Active Bi-Xenon headlights
* Automatically locked storage unit in the luggage compartment

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07/02/2007 21:51